Housewife Sunday | Meal Planning

February 17, 2013

I love Sundays. They are probably my favorite day of the week. There's something refreshing about Sundays.

Today is also my first Housewife Sunday post! Yahoo!!

But first, let me clear something up for my wonderful readers! I love to provide you guys with as much information as possible. Every time I review something or really just mention it in my blog, I post a link to the product/company. If you see text in a different color (most likely pink), it will take you to the website where you can access the product/company. I'm working on developing a page that is solely for all of the links I mention but that probably won't be up and working until late this week.

Now onto Housewife Sunday. The reason I love Sundays is because I get a lot done without being stressed. I feel like my entire life, Sunday has been a day to get things done. Our typical Sunday goes in this order: Church, Lunch, and then cleaning or grocery shopping or laundry. I have learned to do certain things that can really help me out during the week.

I want to share with y'all the importance of meal planning. Every Sunday, I plan out our meals for the week. I have this handy chart that I plan out all of our meals for the week. I usually don't plan the meals for the weekends because we like to have a little more freedom then. This not only works great for people who are dieting, but also those who have a busy work schedule (like myself) or those who need to stick to a budget (also like myself). I am not a person who clips coupons. I tried it for a season of my life but I always had a hard time organizing them or keeping up with which ones were expiring. I quickly learned I could not be an extreme couponer. The meal planner is great because I can tailor each meal to mine and my darling husband's schedule for that day. Example: I always work 1-10 pm on Mondays. My husband's schedule at the hospital varies. However, if he has a morning shift, I throw something in the crock pot so he can eat when he wants without waiting for me to get home. But, if he has an evening shift I can plan a quick meal for when we both get home.

Another great advantage to our meal planning system is I never have to wonder "what am I going to fix for dinner? " I always know and that eliminates a big stress when I get off work. This also eliminates me having to eat out for lunch. (I'm still learning to remember to grab my lunch from the fridge before I leave the house though.) I was able to pick up my meal planner from Target for around $8. It's magnetic so we can stick to to the fridge, is dry-erase, and has a handy note pad on the side that I can keep a running grocery list throughout the week and tear off and take to the store with me. Jonathan can also add item's to the grocery list or look at what we have planned for meals for the week. (In theory this is supposed to eliminate the "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!?!?!" text messages but that doesn't always happen.)

Give meal planning a try for one week! You don't have to buy a planner like I have until you figure out if it works for your family or not. Use a piece of notebook paper and see if it helps! I'd love to hear from you if you try this!

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