Life as Planned

February 16, 2013

What a wonderfully busy week I had.

It just seemed to be one of those weeks when life just was not going as I expected. Luckily, I've learned to appreciate the unexpected in life. Let's recap:
Internet went down and has been acting terribly slow all week
Work was unusually slow but nearly every student I spoke with was nasty
Jonathan is allergic to the organic laundry detergent so I'm still in the process of rewashing everything in his wardrobe so that he does not breakout in hives.
I attempted to eat bad shepherds pie for lunch (note to self: this must be refrigerated) 
I found myself to be busy enough all week that I could not fit in a WOD once

End complaining. Because parts of my week were crazy awesome.
Recap again:
Work was unusually slow
I came home one night and saw that Jonathan cleaned a good portion of the apartment
Valentines Day was an awesome success
My kombucha home brew will be ready to bottle tomorrow
Barefoot Bucha is now on-tap at our local heath foods/grocery store
My dog is no longer sick
Since Jonathan is allergic to the organic laundry detergent, I got a bunch of laundry done
We saw Identity Thief tonight and it was hilarious

What I'm learning is that not everything goes as planned in life. Sometimes you are going to have a difficult day. But that does not mean your whole day has to be difficult. I'm learning to find the awesome in every single day because I'm convinced, something awesome happens every day.
 But seriously. Just enjoy life. We're all in life together. If we spend our time constantly complaining about how not awesome life is then it brings down the morale of everyone. God has everything perfectly planned out, don't doubt Him. He knows what He's doing.

If my life had gone exactly as I had always planned it to, would I be in the same place I am now? Most likely not. But would I be as happy as I am now? Most likely not. 

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