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February 18, 2013

Hello reader friends. It’s Monday! Which means time for my One Good Thing. But that will come a little later. 

I was able to start up CrossFit again today after taking last week off. I was so happy to be back in the box. Except when I got there, I hurt my right wrist pretty bad from cleans. No fun.  Note to self, always always always, wear your wrist wraps. The metcon had lots of double unders and snatches but my wrist was not going to be able to handle that. Just when I thought I was going to get off with a semi-easy metcon (let’s be honest, no metcon is really that easy) my wonderful coach Amanda pulled together a killer workout for me. Killer as in 30 box jumps, 40 back squats, 1200 meter run. She said to me as I was headed out the door for my run “you’ll feel this tomorrow.” I was already feeling it. I’m sitting at my desk now and my legs are slightly shaking. I like it.

Only other CrossFitters would understand the joy you experience if you’re still feeling the WOD 4 hours later. 

Let’s hope my wrist makes a speedy recovery in time to get in some training before the Open. I haven’t trained much for it at all this year (my goal is regionals in 2014) but I would like to have decent ranking this year. 

And now onto my One Good Thing! If you’ve been following my life at all, you’ll maybe know that I was in the process of brewing my own kombucha. The amount of money my DH (darling husband) lets me spend on kombucha a month is generous. So, in an effort to save money, I started brewing my own bucha 15 days ago. You can bottle it after 14 days but I let it go one day extra. The longer you let it ferment the less sweet the brew becomes. I purchased my kit from Kombucha Brooklyn. It came with a full size SCOBY (not test tube size, thank goodness), enough ingredients for 3 batches, and 3 different flavorings. The kit also included the glass jar for fermenting, temperature strip, cloth and rubber band to secure the cloth. Easy to follow instructions were also included. 

Brewing bucha was one of the easiest things I have done. I have talked with several people and told them I was doing it and almost their immediate response is "I've heard it's really difficult." False. It was not difficult at all.

The brew was amazing! I brought a bottle to work this morning and I loved it. Fresh kombucha definitely has a different taste. It was wonderful.

Some of you may be so puzzled by what I'm even talking about right now. Don't give up reading my blog. I'm going to explain the wonderful kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea, an "ancient elixr" as I've seen some sources call this wonder drink. The reason I love kombucha is the health benefits. You can view a longer list on Kombucha Kamp but here are my big 3: 
1. Probiotics - healthy bacteria 
2. Improves digestion
3. Detoxifies the liver - happy liver = happy mood 

Kombucha Kamp also says it helps relieves migraines, something I struggle with when the weather is cold, rainy, or a sudden change in the weather occurs. I've never tried drinking bucha while I have a migraine (mostly because I can't think or move when I have one) but I am going to try it next time. I'll keep you updated on the results. 

If you're new to the kombucha world and don't want to dive into brewing your own, I recommend trying either G.T.'s, High Country, or Reed's. Those are found at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Natural Grocer, and Sprout. If you're located in Central Virginia, I highly recommend Barefoot Bucha or my personal favorite, Nugget's Raw Kombucha. You're able to find these on tap at your local Whole Foods or health food store. 

Enjoy :-) 

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