One Good Thing

February 4, 2013

Hello Monday Readers,
We successfully made it through the weekend. But I bet you Ravens fans are happier than the rest of the world. I could personally care less. Now that football is over there's more tv time for God's favorite sport, Hockey. And I couldn't be more happy that the NHL is back for the last half of the season.

So guess where I am...the doctors. Not because anything is wrong but because she won't refill my prescriptions unless I come see her. Lame. I used to only go to the doctors when I was sick. Which was about every 3 months because of my migraines. And we'd be able to knock out the annual wellness visit during one of those. Now, since CrossFit and Paleo, I haven't been since last August. Woah, new record. Not saying I don't have life altering headaches anymore but they happen less frequently than before and now my medicine breaks them :-)

Ah another riveting place to venture to today, Social Security office. I've finally got our certified copies of our marriage license so I can officially change my name. Let me tell you, this place is absolutely terrifying. Unfortunately they're only open from 9-3 and Monday and Wednesday are my only late days at work. I figure Social Security today and DMV Wednesday. Although waiting at SSA and the DMV aren't fun, it's kind of exciting because I'll officially be a Kintzel :-)

Since I have such a thrilling week ahead of me, I figured I'd start One Good Thing Mondays. I'll share one amazing thing with you to start your week off with a smile. Today I am sharing Green Pasture's Beauty Balm. I've only been using this product for about 5 days now but I'm in love. Not only does it make your skin feel amazing, but it has helped a considerable amount with my complexion. I've never had bad skin but it wasn't perfect either. The Beauty Balm is just fabulous. It has a little bit of a gritty texture that almost feels like an exfoliant. This does go away as your rub the balm into your skin. I used it on my face as well as my lips. The product does have a slight fragrance to it that is very interesting because of the fermented cod liver oil butter oil blend. However, it is a light fragrance and my husband hasn't said anything about it so this product is Husband Tested and Approved. :-) I cannot recommend this product enough. I have mildly oily skin and this does not make it more oily like other moisturizers I've tried. Absolutely love this product and recommend it to everyone.

Happy Monday Y'all

Oh, and the peppermint patties I mentioned in yesterday's post were amazeballs. 

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