One Good Thing

February 11, 2013

Happy Monday Y’all!

 I’m back from the dead. This weekend was rough. It was my weekend to work a Saturday and of course, I leave work sick. Thank goodness for paid sick time. I worked a half day Saturday then went home and laid in bed. I tried to make my blog have some more curb appeal…did you notice it looks exactly the same? Yep, sickness + blog design = absolutely no creativity whatsoever. Sunday I was feeling slightly better and had a burst of creativity and wanted to start my Housewife Sunday post but then our internet was out for the entire day. You’ll have to wait till next Sunday :-)

When husband told me the internet was out and he confirmed it with our internet provider, my first thought was, what are we going to do? We had already skipped church because there was no way I felt good enough to put real clothes on. We couldn’t watch virtual church online. We only have Netflix and Hulu for TV so we wouldn’t be able to watch TV unless we wanted to watch on our iPhones or try and use the spotty service for the iPad. I felt a little stranded. And then I remember the value of quality time with my husband. We decided to venture to Target, pick up lunch from Jersey Mikes, and then head back home. When we got home we popped in the movie we saw on our first date. This was Jonathan’s idea. I know, awesome husband right there. We spent our evening watching 2 good chick flicks (Couples Retreat and The Ex) with some Workaholics in the middle to break up the girly-ness.

Although quality-time-movie-Sunday was awesome, I was relieved to know the internet was working this morning. Just in time for my One Good Thing post! My One Good Thing for today is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. I know you’ve probably seen this in the hippie section of the shampoo aisle. This is the best all-one soap ever. If you know me, I have very curly hair and I have a hard time selecting hair products that 1. actually clean my hair of all the products I put on it from the day before and 2. dry my hair out enough so that it’s not oily by the end of the evening but not too dried out in case I want to straighten it. Also, every ingredient used in the soap is a real word! Not some crazy chemical compounds that no one can pronounce. This soap is also an all-one soap. Meaning body or hair. I use the bar soap for body and liquid for hair. I’ve used the bar for my hair as well and it works great! The bar soap is great for traveling because you can just grab one soap, throw it in a Tupperware, and toss it in your bag. My favorite scents (and the ones I linked too) are the Lavender and Rose scents. My husband uses this soap too and his favorite is Peppermint. It took a little convincing for him to use “my hippie soap” as he calls it, but after the first time he used it, he said “that stuff is great and so sudsy!” Another husband tested and approved item. Dr. Bronner’s has other products too. I love the shave gel. I’ve also seen lotion in stores but haven’t tried it quite yet. Let me know if you use it! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section :-)

Till next time!

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