Strong versus Skinny

February 9, 2013

First deep post. Ready. Go.

So tonight I spent my evening on Pinterest looking at spring outfits. Typically, I love online window shopping via Pinterest. I can imagine myself in every single outfit I pin. But tonight was a little different.

See, I've recently started to have larger shoulders. Not due to weight gain but due to strength gain. My ability at CrossFit has definitely increased but my clothes fit weird now. Too loose in my stomach and too tight in my shoulders. It never is balanced. Same goes for the bottoms. Loose in the waist and tight in the thighs. These are the reasons why I live my life outside of work in Lululemon. Nothing else fits me correctly.

I was browsing the Women's Fashion section on Pinterest and started to find a slew of cute spring outfits that consisted of fun strapless tops, skirts, and shorts. But then I started to think, "oh yeah that bandeau would be cute on me if my shoulders didn't look awkward without some sort of strap making them look less muscular." Or "wow those shorts are super cute, except for my thighs not being able to fit."

Gotta love how women can bring themselves down super easily.

But then I remembered I can deadlift close to 200 lbs. Oh yeah, and my back squat, 155. And I cannot let myself forget that my cleans finally broke 100. RX pullups? Got it.

So what would I pick? Skinny thighs and feminine shoulders that look cute in anything?

No way. I would not give up my strength for anything. Not because I like being able to boast in my CrossFit ability, because there are many people who are better than I am. I wouldn't give up my strength and my health now because Spring of 2011 I was going into counseling for an eating disorder. I had skinny. And I was way less happy, strong, and healthy than I could ever be now.

It's either the trendy skirt or the back squat. I pick the back squat hands-down, every time.

Life really isn't so difficult when you have a few more excuses to buy new Lululemon anyways ;-)

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