My CrossFit Anniversary

March 27, 2013

I have decided mother nature has mood swings.
It was so beautiful here in Virginia last week. I was rockin' my Lulu tanks and not wearing a fleece jacket.

And then mother nature got angry and gave us a random (but beautiful) snow storm. I woke up on Sunday morning to some snow. It was beautiful. I was thinking it as a nice way to end my last winter in Virginia (hint hint, I may or may not be moving in 9 weeks, you'll find out later). And then the snow kept snowing. Which is fine but when I did my weekly grocery shopping (I only grocery shop on Sundays) the roads were clear when I left the house, when I left the 3rd grocery store (yes I have to go to 3 grocery stores to get everything we need) the roads were a ginormous mess. And I've learned that Virginia drivers have no clue that you're supposed to pump your breaks when you're going down a hill. Because there were 5 (yes 5!!) cars that had crashed into the guard rail on one road on my way home. And they were all SUVs. My little sports car did just fine. But that's because I married a Colorado man and he taught me how to drive in the snow after our last bad storm this winter. This Florida girl totally gets it now. And I got myself home from the grocery store without crashing. Mega accomplishment.

Beautiful, right?

Since we were snowed for the rest of Sunday, I decided to take full advantage of my Housewife Sunday opportunity (I know, I should have posted) and I made our weekly essentials. This included: almond milk, sunflower seed butter, bread, paleo granola, and kale chips. I also made an amazing soup that I am going to post the recipe for TOMORROW! I've had to shift my posting days around a little bit to best accommodate my work schedule. Here's the new posting schedule: Housewife Sunday, One Good Thing Wednesday, and Recipe Friday (this week is an exception).

This was the first time that my puppy (well he turned 2 on Sunday so I guess he's a dog now, I'm in denial) has enjoyed the snow! He was having a blasty blast. We took a nice 45 minute play session in the snow. He was running all over the place and eating the snow. It was adorable. He normally just barks at the snow and tries to avoid it. But he was in heaven. While we were walking through the woods, he ate something off a tree. Which I didn't think anything of at the time, because I thought it was just snow. But now I think it was a bug. Because he got really really really sick. Sick enough for me to question if I needed to take him to the emergency vet clinic or not. Poor puppy. He's better now but I could not sleep at night. I kept getting up to check on him. I can't imagine what it will be like when I have a child and they get sick.


So yesterday made my 1 year anniversary at CrossFit! CrossFit has taught me a lot. I've learned beauty comes from strength. Your mind will always give out before your body will. If you feel a hurting pain, it's okay to stop, recovery from an injury takes longer to heal. If you fail, try again and learn why you failed. Your eating and sleeping habits have more of an impact on your life than most people realize. No one is judging you if you're not the best in the gym. We have all experienced being new to CrossFit and we can probably all remember our first day. Staying humble is one of the most important things in life. I've made awesome life long friends that even flew out to Colorado for my wedding. These people have seen me laugh and cry. I've learned you go through some emotional stuff with fellow CrossFitters. WOD's are no joke. You pour your life into CrossFit and at some point it will get you down. But I've got awesome fellow members and coaches who provide a great support system. I've become closer with people I've known for the past year than people I went through college with. I've made a lot of strides with CrossFit but I've also had my setbacks and my injuries. Something I'm most proud of is the changes I've made in my body. I went from having an eating disorder 3 years ago and being skin and bones, to getting out of recovery and eating everything, to becoming a CrossFitter and making great progress. Here's a before and after photo. On the right is one week after I started CrossFit and my first day of my first paleo challenge. On the left is me last week. 

I'm dang proud of my muscles and what they can do. I'm also glad I didn't do a fad diet to get myself this far.

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