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March 19, 2013

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was intentional. I was mad. And I didn’t want to publicly bash someone through my blog. Which I knew would happen if I wrote a post over the weekend or even on Monday. And that would not have been okay. My One Good Thing post would have been about this one bad person.
But I will make a statement: If you enjoy talking negatively about me, I can handle that. However, if you talk negatively about my husband or my marriage, the chance of you earning my respect ever again is very low. I will forgive you, but I will not respect you.

Enough said. Moving on.

This weekend was spectacular. Friday evening I had one of my dear friends Lindsay over. She was MIA for the past few weeks traveling. It’s wonderful to have her back. We had frozen yogurt (not paleo) and kombucha (paleo) and then I ate a bacon wrapped filet for dinner at my house (very paleo). Then Saturday morning I woke up and went to cheer on some teammates at our box while they beasted 13.2. Then I went to our community market. I love the community market. Jonathan had a course for school all day Saturday but, when he got home we went to a going away party for one of our friends from CrossFit. At this going away party I realized 2 things:
1.                          I tend to be socially awkward talking to people who are not from CrossFit or have never heard of CrossFit.
2.                          Unless I know there will be something I can eat at a party, I need to bring food.
My husband is a social butterfly and can talk to anyone. Luckily, there were a handful of members from our box there and we all chatted with each other. And one of them brought paleo Reece’s cups which were delicious. Someone else brought gluten free brownies which I ate but then I went home and ate a TON. My life revolves around food. Not a big deal.

Sunday was my turn to redo 13.2. About 15 of us were at the box to redo the wod. I was feeling great, my husband was there also. It was going to be a good wod. And I just had that feeling that I was going to reach my goal. And then during round 2 I popped my shoulder out of place. Ouch. Loving husband was there to put my joints back together and I decided to finish the wod…with an astonishing 149 reps (heaving on the sarcasm there). Can’t do much with a hurt shoulder. Oh well! 3 more workouts to go for the Open.

Since my husband was consumed with school most of the weekend and focused on fixing my shoulder on Sunday, my highlight of the weekend was the Community Market, and also my One Good Thing. The bustling town of Lynchburg does have a few good things that I will dearly miss when we move to Colorado in May. Our Community Market is where I can be found most Saturday mornings after CrossFit. During April-October I stock up on produce like it’s going out of style. I buy enough fresh local fruits and veggies to last me through the week. The wonderful thing about the market is almost everything is organic. All you have to do is ask. A lot of farmers are not “certified organic” because they have not gone through the certification process and paid all of the fees. However, I do find they are always willing to tell you what they use on their fruits and veggies to keep the pesky bugs and weeds away. 

A common thing I run into when someone is telling me why they can’t eat paleo is they say they cannot afford eating that way. I beg to differ. I typically take about $25 with me to the market every Saturday. I usually spend less than $20 on a week’s worth of produce, bottle of local wine, and some meat. Try and spend less than $20 on all of that at the grocery store. I’m able to know exactly where all my stuff is coming from and I spend less on my food than I would if I did a rushed grocery trip one weeknight after work.

The wonderful thing about our market is it is actually open year round, as most markets are if they have an indoor area. (The Amish and Honey farmers are outside year-round for us though.) This weekend was beautiful in Lynchburg so I took my chances and went to the market. None of my favorite produce farmers were there (still a little early in the season) but the bacon lady was inside, as she always is, ready and willing to sell some bacon. I’ve always been slightly intimidated by her. This past weekend I was feeling bold and I’d heard some great things about her bacon. I approached her counter and asked if her bacon was nitrate free, her response? “Oh HEAVENS YES.” This made me smile and gave me another reason to love buying local. These people actually care about the food quality. They want to provide good food and good prices, that bacon was $3.99/pound. And the slices were HUGE. I also got 5 pounds of raw honey for $19. Seriously, you can buy a little honey bear at Kroger for $5 and it’s not even 1 pound, and it’s not raw. I cannot express how much I love shopping at our community market. I encourage everyone to spend an hour of their Saturday morning exploring their local market. My husband even loves it too :-)


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