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March 4, 2013

I’m sorry. I took a week break. My life got busy. And by busy I mean awesome. And by awesome I mean my in-laws were in town.

Father-in-law Shayne, Mother-in-law Missy, and adorable niece Izzy

That statement was not sarcastic. I know most of you are scratching your head in confusion by now. I love my in-laws. If I could see them every week, I totally would. They are both CrossFitters. And are just awesome people. They traveled from Colorado to Virginia for my niece’s 1st birthday. I made her cupcakes that looked like little owls. They were adorbs. And tasty. And gluten free, obvi. It was a fantastic week but I choose family time over blog time. I know you understand.

See, I told you they looked like little owls

We’re  going to resume things per usual today. YAY! One Good Thing Monday! You haven’t forgotten what Monday’s are for, have you? Because it’s one of my favorite days of the week. I always feel rejuvenated. Now onto Paleo shenanigans.

Wanna know what I love about eating paleo? I’m not counting calories. All the talk around my office lately has been about dieting. Warmer weather is approaching (kinda) and everyone is wanting to shed their winter weight. Me? I didn’t gain any winter weight because I didn’t try to prepare for hibernation like the rest of my coworkers.

They’ve all been talking about how many calories they’re consuming and how they’re doing it and what they’re eating. Meanwhile I’m sitting at my desk munching away at what ever paleo snack I want; happy as a clam. Seriously though, eating clean is awesome. I don’t have to limit myself on anything, okay, maybe I do. I have to limit myself on not eating spoonfuls of honey but other than that I don’t limit myself. If I want something, I eat it. No stressful calorie counting and no feeling bad when I eat too many calories.

For the most part, what I hear from them is that they are all doing pretty good. But when I see them eat gluten, processed snacks, sugar, and dairy for lunch, I do shudder slightly. I try to keep my comments to a minimum. I’ve done the dieting like that before. Pre paleo and CrossFit I was all about calorie counting dieting. But when you’re done with the diet, you gain some weight back because counting your calories every single day for every single meal is not real life. If you are living that lifestyle, it’s not healthy. But with paleo, you adopt a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t stop.

I brought a dish to work last week. We had a potluck. The theme was Southern Soul Food Cookin’. Well, I grew up in the south and I was not going to let my coworkers down. I opted to make fried okra. Don’t you judge me quite yet. I signed up for “Gluten free fried okra.” But where was a secret to my dish. It was actually paleo. Paleo Fried Okra. My coworkers loved it. It was gone in a minute and they told me it was awesome. I didn’t tell anyone it was paleo. I just sat back and watched the magic happen. !!SPOILER ALERT!! It was so delish that it’s going to be my recipe for recipe Wednesday.

My One Good Thing is Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. She is also the coauthor of the Balanced Bites podcast which I adore. Practical Paleo is more than just a cookbook. This book explains paleo in a simple way. It also has several 30-day meal plans for different ways of life; example: fat loss, athletic performance, and squeaky clean plaeo to name a few.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you may have gotten the hint that I’m a big fan of fermented foods. Practical Paleo really pushes fermented foods. High five, Diane.  Fermented foods are just awesome and the health benefits are outstanding. They also help you get tons of probiotics. Which help digestion which is essential to a happy life and happy tummy. Duh.

The recipes in Practical Paleo are super great too. She manages to have a perfect balance of complicated recipes and not complicated recipes. For example, I roasted my first chicken using a recipe from Practical Paleo and it was so tasty. Especially since I do not like chicken unless it is in grilled nugget form from Chick-fil-a or on a salad from Panera. I know that’s weird. Something about the texture that I don’t like. But this roasted chicken, I loved. But there are super simple recipes like how to perfectly bake bacon, it comes out perfect every time. I use this method every morning. That’s right, I eat bacon every morning.

I always laugh at people who say eating paleo is difficult because I’m living the life of luxury eating bacon every day.

Practical Paleo is an awesome book. It’s available in a ebook format (I downloaded it on my Nook) and paperback book format. Both are great. Go get it.

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