One Good Thing | Cherry Root Bucha and Coconut Oil Make-up Remover

April 3, 2013

Today was wonderful. I had my second day off this week. Monday we had off for Easter and today I had off because I work Saturday. I don’t love working on Saturday’s but I do love having a day off during the week. Today was also awesome because I got to try the flavor of kombucha I named! Barefoot Bucha ran a Facebook contest to name their newest flavor. I entered the contest with a simple name of “Cherry Root”, the flavors in the bucha are sarsaparilla root and dark cherry. I won the naming of this delicious drink and a t-shirt! Today I went on down to our local health food store where they have Barefoot Bucha on tap and I got 2 of my bottles filled with Cherry Root. This is my new favorite flavor ever. I believe it tastes like cherry vanilla root beer. It's a great flavor because it's doesn't have too strong of a vinegar flavor either. Kombucha is great when it taste like vinegar but sometimes I like it to be a little lest tart. Cherry Root is the wonderful combination of a sweet drink but still being a reputable kombucha brew. The most wonderful thing about it was that my husband likes it too! He told me he wants to start easing into kombucha and the stuff I brew is a little to strong for him to like right away. He told me the Cherry Root was delicious and he drank it willingly. I had a proud wife moment. Now I want to make a flavored brew of bucha so he’ll drink some of the stuff I make. :-)

Isn't it beautiful?

Speaking of Easter, it was a huge success. I took a half day off work on Friday. Jonathan and I drove up to my parents house and surprised my mom. She thought we were coming into town on Saturday. She was so surprised! Then Saturday morning my mom and I went to Whole Foods and bought what we needed to fix Easter dinner. I enjoy Whole Foods. I feel like I step into a different world when I walk into Whole Foods. You could spend all day in there! Our trip to the store was a huge success. I found everything I wanted (all the things I can’t find in Lynchburg) plus I found Tessemae’s sauces. These are awesome tasty paleo sauces that include barbecue, hot sauce, and ranch. And the distributor from Tessemae’s was super nice. I was just minding my own business secretly freaking out that I just found these sauces in stores and I threw a bottle of hot sauce into my basket and then I heard a man say “Hey, thanks!” I was utterly confused and walked away quickly. Then I felt bad and walked back to see who the man was. I sauntered back over to the sauces and realized he was wearing a Tessemae’s apron. I laughed and told him I didn’t realize he was one of their distributors and apologized for scurrying away when he thanked me. He asked if I’d ever tried their sauces before and I said no but I knew a lot about them because I follow a paleo lifestyle (notice how I said lifestyle and NOT diet). He told me how awesome that was and then pointed out how their barbecue sauce is also paleo. It’s rare to find a paleo barbecue sauce. They typically have sugar and soy in them. So, I was stoked to find this sauce. I grabbed a bottle of barbecue and thanked him for taking the time to talk with me. That really made my Whole Foods experience delightful.

Saturday we also decided to go shopping for clothes. I realized I did not bring a shirt for Easter Sunday. All I had were lulu tanks and sweatshirts. Lately I’ve avoided clothing shopping. I can’t find anything that allows me to move my arms without feeling restricted without the shirt being too baggy in my stomach. Well, my mother and I picked out a few cute things from J. Crew and of course, they did not fit properly. The shirt did not allow me to move my arms hardly at all and the pants were stuck to my thighs but a few inches to large in my waist. UGH. I was pretty upset. My mom realized my distraught and called Jonathan into the store. He picked up a pair of pants and a shirt and said “Don’t try it on, it will fit, let’s leave.” Typically way for a man to shop, am I right? I was very nervous about the ensemble my husband picked out for me. When we got back home I tried everything on and it was a perfect fit. What did I learn from this? Always take my husband shopping with me.

My One Good Thing this evening is coconut oil. Coconut oil has many many uses. We use it for cooking, baking, hair conditioner, and make-up remover. The make-up remover is my most recent discovery and what I want to focus on. I can’t remember where I read it, but I heard that by rubbing some coconut oil over your eyes it takes off your eye makeup and you just wipe it off with a dry washcloth. I tried it the other day for the first time because I was out of my remover wipes. I was secretly glad I ran out because it’s started to burn my eyes the last few nights. The coconut oil removed my eye make-up (as promised) and it didn’t sting at all. So, I found my smallest Tupperware container and scooped some coconut oil into it and set it in my bathroom. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but the warmth from your fingers is just enough to make the oil soft. You don’t need to use a lot of oil either so I’m predicting that few tablespoons of coconut oil will last longer than my make-up remover wipes (they only came with 30 to a pack so I was buying them monthly). Give it a try next time you’re out of make-up remover. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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