Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining review and another way to avoid being sick

May 14, 2013

Let me say thank you to all of you. My husband and I got so much feedback regarding my last blog post. We have received so many words of encouragement and prayers that it is overwhelming. I am overjoyed that people are actually reading what I’m writing!

Some wonderful things have happened in my life lately. We are getting all set for our big move. And we had family in town all last weekend for Jonathan’s graduation! I got to see him graduate cum laude from his respiratory program. He also took his first national registry exam today and crushed it! One down, two more to go. Prayers are greatly appreciated for the remainder of this week.

I also got two new cook books this week. Gather by the Food Lovers and OMG Thats Paleo? by Juli Bauer (the woman behind PaleOMG). I, of course, downloaded them to my handy Nook e-reader and instantly started cooking away. While my in-laws were in town I made a delicious recipe from Gather. I cooked up some General Tso’s chicken. That’s right, Chinese food made paleo. It was delicious! I think my family was a little scared when I told them I would make a paleo version of one of our favorite dishes. I saw the fear in their eyes. But there were no leftovers. They loved it! This says two things. One, Gather has some awesome recipes. And two, I am a decent cook. Yay! The cool thing about Gather is it’s set up for entertaining. For example, there is an entire 6 course menu for Easter lunch. I love it! So perfect for paleo-land and just what we needed. The best part is, I feel like this book highlights things that I haven’t seen replicated well before. For example, the General Tso’s chicken tasted like it does from your favorite non-paleo, non-gluten free, non-soy free, takeout spot. There’s a recipe for chocolate cupcakes that I’m dying to try. They look amazing.

Doesn't that look good?!

What to know something exciting? I have avoided two rounds of strep throat at my office. Normally, I am the one to be spreading the sickness. I have a secret to how I avoided getting sick this spring. Okay, it’s not a secret. I’ve been taking fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend from Green Pasture. Don’t be holding your nose. It’s not so bad. I got the cinnamon tingle flavor about a month ago and have taken it (along with my daily kombucha) religiously every morning. The main benefits of the FCLO/BO are the high vitamin content of vitamin A, D, and K. This vitamin cocktail is a superfood and has seriously boosted my immune system. It is known to do different things to different people depending in what your body needs. Chris Kresser (paleo and ancestral foods guru) said “Fermented cod liver oil is the one supplement I think nearly everyone can benefit from. I’ve seen it clear acne, lift depression, balance hormones, and reverse autoimmunity. I use it myself and recommend it to all my patients.” If you want more detailed and scientific information about FCLO/BO, check out this post on the Balanced Bites blog.

I had a weird experience when I bought this stuff. Green Pasture was sold out of cinnamon tingle flavor which I knew I wanted. So, I bought it from this super awesome company called Dr. Ron’s which had the cinnamon tingle in stock. Yay! When I checked the shipment tracking through the postal service it said it was on the truck to be delivered to Albany, New York. If you’re not aware, I live in southern Virginia. I was so confused. I called Dr. Ron’s (and got to speak with a real person!) and they called the postal service to see what the heck happened. They kept me updated on what was happening and a real person called me back to let me know my packaged was eventually en route to souther Virginia. When I got my package, I opened the box and found a full size bottle of Dr. Ron’s signature shampoo. Talk about great customer service! Before they even knew I’d have a problem receiving my shipment they gave me a little gift to keep my business. I was so pleased with their customer service I sent an e-mail and got a response back from Dr. Ron himself! How cool! I will be ordering my FCLO/BO from Dr. Ron’s as long as they have cinnamon tingle in stock. You don’t find customer service like that anymore. (If y’all are wondering about dosage amounts, 1/2 tsp is suitable for adults, and remember to store it in the fridge so the stuff doesn’t go rancid.)


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