March 11, 2014

Welcome me back to the blog-o-sphere. I decided to take a vacation from blog life while my husband and I moved to Colorado and began life out here. Colorado has been a huge change for our little family. I’ve had to learn to live life outside of the south. Not everyone in the country likes sweet tea – this has been a shock to me.

We are loving Colorado. It has been a blessing every day we are out here. Recently, my sweet mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She goes in for surgery tomorrow. I have never felt more sure in our decision to live out here until now. Being able to be so close to my in-laws has given Jonathan and I a lot of peace-of-mind while she begins her fight. If you want to pray alongside of my family and I, you can read more about my mother-in-laws journey here:

Let me give you a super short update on the past 8 months: We were living with Jonathan’s parents from June 1st until March 2nd. Jonathan got an awesome job with a great hospital in Denver.  I am working for Colorado Christian University in their Financial Aid department. (The same thing I did for Liberty University back home.) Denver (puppy, not the city) is doing well. He loves being able to pay outside. Which helps me transition into saying we finally bought our first home! Yay!

We moved into our home on March 2nd. It’s a ranch style home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is a basement with a guest suite. Most of the basement will be Jonathan’s man cave. I firmly believe he needs his own space in the house. I told him he could take control of the basement except for the guest suite. I’m going to decorate that.

Okay y'all, this is seriously, the easiest way to add some curb appeal. Our home really doesn’t need much done to it. It was move-in ready. But, I’ve decided I’m going to give it some updates. I decided to tackle my first weekend project by painting our front door! I saw a few tutorials (here and here) on how to do this so I thought I’d give it a try. It was so easy, and there was no sanding required and I didn’t remove any hardware. I’m all about curb-appeal. I like pulling into my driveway and seeing something pretty to look at. Our door was the same color as our house. It didn’t pop at all. We opted for an eggplant colored door to complement our sage green house.

1 quart of paint
– I used Behr exterior paint +primer, semi-gloss, in Eclectic Purple. I had them cut it down to 75% so it wasn’t as dark as the original color.
1 roll of painters tape – I used Scotch Blue Painters Tape with Edge Lock, 2”. I prefer the wider tape so I have a less of a chance of messing up.
1 regular sized paint roller
1 mini sized paint roller
– If you don’t want to remove the hardware, this helps you get in between the doorknob and deadbolt.
1 angled paint brush - To edge around the tape and paint insets
1 paint tray – I buy the cheap plastic ones so I can throw them away when I’m done.
Drop cloth – I always manage to drop a bit of paint on the ground. This is a life saver; especially when you’re painting the bottom edge of the door. You can use an old sheet or blanket.

Step 1: Tape everything really well. The preparation will probably take you about 20 minutes but it’s so worth it. I opted not to tape the edges around the door. We do not have weather stripping around our actual door so I didn’t have to worry about getting paint onto the rubber. Like I said, I didn’t have to sand our door. If you’ve got a thick coat of paint on your door already, I do recommend sanding that.

Step 2: Paint all of the insets and around the hardware. This is the part that I like having the wider tape for. If you use a good quality painters tape, you really won’t have to worry about bleeding through around the bottom edge and, if it’s wide enough, your chances of getting paint on the door handle are pretty slim.

Step 3: Use your roller and paint all of the flat panels. Don’t paint it too thick, you’re going to do a second coat. I used my mini roller to get around our hardware. Let this coat dry before you move onto the next coat.

Note: Don't let your dog rub up against the door while it's drying. He will get hair all over it and you will have to pull every piece off. It's not fun. Trust me. 

Step 4: After your first coat is dry, repeat steps two and three. Let the second coat dry completely before you remove your tape, I waited about two hours. You may find a few areas you want to touch up before you’re satisfied.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to add some curb appeal. Here’s a total breakdown of what we spent on this project:
Paint - $17
Paint brush and rollers - $10
Painters tape - $7
Paint Tray - $2
Drop cloth - already on hand
Total: $36 (And you can use the paint brush and tape supplies again.)


  1. Well done, it looks great!!

  2. Love love love. And Im so glad your blog is back!! :) - Lauren K