April 11, 2014

I've been spending this week down in the humid state of Texas. My best friend is getting married! Yay. The weather is gorgeous here. It's been so nice not to wear a jacket every day. 

Being down here has reminded me Spring is in full bloom for most of the country. And since it is Spring, it’s time to be DIY’ing in full force. This is the time to get some small projects done before your major ones begin as the warm weather fully moves in. One thing I’ve been really into lately is fresh herbs. Ever since I accidentally bought some living herbs from Target, I realized how much flavor fresh herbs add to your cooking. I started a baby herb garden on my windowsill until it’s time to start my full scale garden outside. Herb gardens are seriously so easy and quick to set up. You can even start one with materials you already have around you home.
Here’s my Weekend DIY Fives:

Brooklyn Limestone
1. Vertical Herb Garden - Perfect for those of you who don't have lots of outdoor space but still want a variety of herbs. I love how this was painted with chalkboard paint. You could even grown veggies at the bottom. 

Urban Garden Casual
2. Mico-Garden - perfect for those who are really limited on space. By hanging twine on the inside of your windowsill, you can create a great space for an herb garden without taking up precious counter space. I think I've seen some buckets just like that in Target's dollar bin recently...

Living On Love
3. Recycled Garden - for those of you who are looking for something eco-friendly, this is a great way to recycle food cans. Another great use of chalkboard paint too.

4. Upcycled Hanging Herb Garden - Another great one for those of you looking to making something out of recycled materials. Using 2-liter bottles, you can easily create this. This is a great garden if you plan on transplanting your herbs outside. I would paint the board with chalkboard paint so you can switch out your herb choices

Life on the Balcony
5. Pallet Garden - last but not least, my favorite of the bunch. I'm really into recycling pallet's right now. The wood has a lot of character and usually holds up pretty well outside overtime. This is what we will be doing for our herbs.

What ideas do y'all have for herb gardens? Have you tried any of these?


  1. Brittany, great post, on the pallet, do you add a board for each row so you can add the dirt, that is my logical guess but just wondering..thanks Julie Vetos

    1. Hey Julia,
      Yes, you'll need to add a board under each row. If you click the caption under the photo, it will take you to the tutorial :-)