April 8, 2014

Happy Monday! We have got a busy 2 weeks ahead of us. I’ll be in Dallas for my best friend’s wedding from Wednesday to Sunday. Then, the following Friday, my parents are coming all the way from Virginia to visit us for Easter! This will be the first time they have seen our house in person.

Having my parents out here made me realize two things:
1. There are a few projects I must finish before I leave for Texas. Like that wainscoting I’ve been dragging my feet on. (Guess whose staying up late tonight?!) And framing our chalkboard wall. 

2.  Our guest bedroom only has a mattress and box spring on a frame and that’s it. No other furniture. No sheets on the bed. No night stands. No lamps. I’m actually not even sure the bathroom has a shower curtain. Yikes.

Since realizing our guest suite is rather, um, bare; I made it my mission to furnish and decorate it before my parents arrive. My first goal was to find a nightstand. I researched all of the options Target had, but I didn’t love any of it. Not to mention most of their stuff isn’t solid wood but they charge as if it were. And since we’re not looking to drop $100 on one wooden end table for the guest suite, I decided to get creative.

I looked up a few thrift stores by my office and decided I’d stop by one after work last week without any expectations. I didn’t want to get my hopes up thinking I’d find something awesome, only to be let down if I didn’t. I have never been a thrift shop person, so I was kind of skeptical about it. In my mind, they were all full of awful particle board furniture or overpriced antique wood pieces.

But I decided I needed to take my chances. The store I landed in was Go Green Warehouse. They are an awesome nonprofit company that benefits veterans.  Double bonus.

The workers were super friendly and greeted me as soon as I walked in the door. I told them I was hunting for some night stands and they took me to an area that had a few. My eyes immediately landed on this table.
 The first thing I do when thrifting/antiquing is check to see the materials of the piece. I examined this table top to bottom and saw it was solid wood. My heart was happy. I don’t like to mess with particle board. It doesn’t hold up well overtime. It's worth taking 5 minutes to inspect your piece before you purchase it. Antique and thrift stores often have a no-return policy. You don't want to get home and realize you just bought something that is water damaged or faux-wood. Once I realized this piece was solid wood, I was a little scared to check the price. It's pretty common to see stores mark up the prices on hot items like solid wood or silver. I looked at the price tag and didn’t think I was reading it right. It was only $8! I double checked with the sales associate and he told me that was correct and they were offering 20% off. I was sold on the table immediately. Even if it didn’t work in our guest suite, I would find someplace for it to fit. My grand total was $6.80.

I stopped by Home Depot on my way home and picked up some white gloss protective enamel spray paint and a medium grit sanding sponge. I wiped the table down with a damp cloth once I got home. Then, I lightly sanded it with my sanding sponge. I wasn’t trying to strip the piece; I just wanted to get some of the stain off and buff out any imperfections. I went back over the piece with a fine grit sanding sponge to smooth it all out. I wiped it down once again and let it dry completely.
After the table was completely, 100% dry (I let it dry out for about an hour), I spray painted a light coat with my white gloss protective enamel paint. The trick to spray paint is light, even, coats. You want to keep the can moving so the coats are even. If you spay too long in one spot, you’ll end up with it dripping. This happened to me because I’m impatient and wanted to see the finished product. But it wasn’t worth it because I then had to go over the drip spots with my fine grit sanding sponge and repaint those areas. Ugh. Patience is a virtue. I’m working on being more virtuous.
Once the table was painted, I let it dry outside for about 3 hours before I brought it inside to finish drying overnight.

This was one of the easiest furniture makeovers I have ever done. It only had 6 steps: clean, sand with medium grit, clean, sand with fine grit, clean, spray paint. So easy and so inexpensive.
Cost breakdown:
Table $6.80
Rustoleum White Gloss Protective Enamel Spray Paint $4
Medium grit sanding sponge $7.47/3 pack or $2.50 each
Fine grit sanding sponge – already had on hand
Total: $13
Now that the nightstand is taken care of, it’s time to address the other major eyesores in this room, like beige walls (if you’ve talked to me lately, you’ll probably know my hatred I have toward beige), lack of a lamp on the nightstand, lack of bed coverings, and lack of any personality in general. Ah, now the fun really begins. T-minus 11 days before this room needs to look done…
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