April 17, 2014

All around, it’s been a pretty productive week. We (hubby helped with a lot) have completed so many projects this week. Finally finished framing our chalkboard wall, finished the entry way table, updated two table lamps, finished the board and batten in the dining room, and painted the walls! I’m basically exhausted but there’s no time for sleep. I’ve still got a guest suite to decorate before my parents arrive tomorrow. And a housewarming party to host on Friday…have I gotten myself in over my head this week? I think, maybe…

Back to the dining room…progress has been made! The main living area of our house is semi-open concept. This presents a slight design challenge. We have a 28 foot wall that I had no idea what to do with. I needed something to break up the wall but still be able to make it all flow together. The space is slightly too narrow for a room divider but the wall was too large to just paint and call it a day. So, I took to Pinterest for inspiration. Wainscoting became the obvious choice for adding décor to our wall without it being overwhelming. And it brings in a touch of southern charm, which our Colorado home is so lacking.

I absolutely love the look of board and batten. The clean lines are very appealing to my style and Jonathan's. I found a few tutorials (here and here) that gave step by step instructions on installing everything. The overall plan is pretty straightforward and basic. Nailing some boards to the wall really isn’t that difficult. The key is having a pin-nailer to make it all go by a lot faster.

I removed all of the baseboards along our big blank wall and the walls flanking the glass doors before we got started installing the battens. This was probably the most difficult part. First, I cut the caulk along the top of the baseboards with a razor. I then used a putty knife and hammer to pry them off. The concept is simple but the labor is tedious and a little annoying.

Once the baseboards were gone, Jonathan nailed in our new baseboards. We went with 1x4 primed pine planks.
Next, he installed the top rail. It is very important to make sure this is level because it will throw off your vertical planks if it’s not level. For this we used 1x3 primed pine planks. 

I had Home Depot cut our 1x2 primed pine planks into 35” lengths. I have seen other bloggers who do not have the planks cut in store and they cut them at home. This is because your batten lengths may end up being slightly different because your floor is most likely not perfectly level. We only had 2 battens that were about ¼” off. I filled those gaps in with wood filler. Too me, it was worth it to have them cut in-store. We spaced our vertical battens 32” apart. Since our wall is so large, if we spaced them closer together, it looked overwhelming.

Once our battens were installed we caulked the seams and gaps between the planks and wall. This helps the battens stay hugged to the wall and makes for a more polished look. Then, I filled in all of the nail holes with some wood filler. I let the caulk and wood filler set up overnight then I sanded the wood filler down the next day with a medium grit sanding sponge.
After everything had set, I painted the battens and insets with our white paint.
Note: We did not opt to put the flat panels along the wall. We felt the “board” part of the board and batten was not needed for our space. Our walls are not incredibly textured so this worked for us. It also brings a more casual look to just keep the natural wall being framed by the battens. If you do want to install the paneling, follow this tutorial.  

I let my paint completely dry (I also took a week break from working on this project) and then I painted the grey accent color. I am in love with white and light grey being paired together.
I’m so happy with the results of this project. And it was incredibly inexpensive considering how much it adds to our living space.

Breakdown and Materials:
1x4x8 primed planks $6.67 each, we bought 4
1x3x8 primed planks $5.25 each, we bought 4
1x2x8 primed planks $3.27 each, we bought 5
Nail gun – borrowed from a friend (Thanks Katie and Jay!)
Nails $7.49
Caulk $2.28
Ultra Pure White Paint + Primer, Semi-Gloss by Behr $32
Dolphin Fin Paint + Primer, Eggshell by Behr $32
Elmer’s Wood Filler, natural color - $4
= about $145
 So for under $150, we were able to completely transform our room. I’d say that’s a fair price.

How cute are is my Easter centerpiece?!


  1. I am always amazed by individuals who tackle board and batten. It looks great!