April 15, 2014

You know the fun thing about traveling? You learn that other parts of the country are living in a totally different season than you are. Example, I got on the plane in Dallas and it was 75 degrees. I got off the plane in Denver and it was 35 degrees and practically a blizzard outside. And I was wearing sandals. My poor feet. 

Anyways, Colorado’s weather has been bipolar, as always. I don’t believe the Colorado natives who tell me this year’s weather has been unusual. I’m starting to think Colorado is the bi-polar stepchild of the rest of the United States. Snow one day and 50’s the next day. I thought about packing up my sweaters yesterday but who am I kidding? I bet we’ll get another foot of snow any day now. 

Much like the weather in Colorado, my house projects have been all over the place. I’m working on our bedroom, living room, hallway, and dining room all at the same time. It’s so fun. But creates a big mess. We’ve got a housewarming party coming up this Friday (yikes!) so I’ve got to reign in my DIY-ADD and focus. I will be working in over-drive to finish the big projects. (Remember that wainscoting I chatted about last week? Yeah, still no progress. Oops.) 

And then I found an awesome link party to help me focus my DIY efforts. Although my dining room won’t be 100% finished by Friday, (Those were never my intentions. We’ve only been in our house 6 weeks, I’ve gotta cut myself some slack every now and then) my goal is to have that eye sore of a dining area finished in 4 weeks. I’ll be linking up with Calling It Home as she hosts her One Room Challenge link party. (What the heck is a link party? Click here.) This is going to give me the extra boost I need to focus on one room at a time. (I think my mom has told me to do that before, but I’m stubborn so I had to figure it out on my own. Thanks mom!) And since the challenge is already 2 weeks in on the Calling It Home blog, I’m starting a little late, which gives me some extra drive. 

So every Thursday, you, my fabulous readers, are going to get an update on my dining room rehab! I’m really blessed with this project actually. I got to start with a big blank slate. The beautiful thing about our house is it was lacking character and charm. But, it wasn’t so outdated that we have to renovate major items, like the kitchen or bathrooms. Those were already beautiful.
Table (HERE) Chairs (HERE) Bench (HERE) Runner (SIMILAR HERE)

So here’s what my dining room looks like. Forgive me for the terrible picture. We took this right after our dining room set was put together. 

We got our dining room set from Ikea. I love Ikea. I could spend hours in there. My husband doesn’t love Ikea the way I do but he loves me so he went with me to help get the dining set and a couch.
If you’re wondering about those blue curtains….no, we will not be keeping the silk curtains. They came with the house. Hopefully (fingers crossed) we will have our stunning custom drapes in before the housewarming party...but if not, blue silk will have to do.

Stay tuned for my post this Thursday on my dining room stage 1 reveal! Eeek! I’m so excited for y’all too see the magic that has happened.

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