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May 19, 2014

One week ago, it was snowing in Colorado. Today, the high is supposed to reach 81. This further affirms my theory that Colorado is bipolar. 

If you were following my One Room Challenge, you’ll know that at the end of it, my dining room was missing four things: head chairs, bar cart, art, and area rug. I’ve been searching for a bar cart for quite some time now. They are just so expensive for the vintage ones and I don’t care for the new ones. I decided to hold out until I found the perfect one. Well, after an impromptu Craigslist search on Thursday, I finally found a vintage bar cart under $50. In fact, it was priced at $35! I know. Seriously amazing. I never would have dreamed that I'd actually find a vintage bar cart for $35.

The seller had this item way underpriced, I almost felt bad for not offering her more than what she was asking. I never find anything on Craigslist. I have the worst luck when it comes to searching through it, so I was in shock when I actually found something I liked. 
Since I’m not much of a baby blue fan, I grabbed a can of glossy white spray paint and decided to update the trays. (I primed first. I always prime everything first.) When I got the frame outside to clean it off, I noticed some of the brass was worn so, I gave it a facelift and spray painted it with my second favorite gold spray paint, Design Master’s Gold Medal. (My first favorite is Design Master’s Brilliant Gold) 
Most of the accessories on our bar cart are from the thrift store. The serving tray, decanters, and gold rimmed glasses are all thrift store finds. The monogrammed highballs and silver tea cups are family heirlooms.

Jonathan ended up liking the finished bar cart. And he's not a fan of gold. So that's really saying something.

All in all, this weekend was a pretty awesome one. I got a lot done. Even Denver was worn out by Sunday night.

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