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May 29, 2014

The weather is finally warming up in the beautiful frozen state of Colorado. My peonies aren’t in bloom yet so, summer is not upon us. (I’m slightly jealous of all you East Coasters enjoying your tank tops and shorts, all day every day. I see you flaunting your summer fashions on Instagram…Don’t worry. Colorado will catch up soon enough.) 

I might be going a little stir crazy. I am planning out my next project for our home and can’t decide, indoors or outdoors. We’ve got an awesome patio space, which like the rest of the house, is a huge blank slate. But, we are also in need of an office space. The couch isn’t cuttin’ it. And since my husband and I do not use credit cards for any of our projects, we have to focus on one thing at a time. 

Since summer is slowly brewing, I’m leaning towards tackling the patio and yard.  I have already spent a good amount of time working on the front yard and it’s almost where I want it. But the backyard…that’s another story. Poor thing is the neglected area of our house. (Besides the laundry room, that is scary.) We, no joke, have raccoons that fight in our backyard. I’m not sure some TLC to the back yard will make the raccoon boxing matches stop, but it will make me feel like my back yard is less jungle-like and more suburban-like. 

I want our outdoor space to feel like an extension of our indoor space.  Our patio consists of two great levels. The first level is smaller but directly off the dining room. There is a step down to the second level which backs up behind the garage. Ideally, I’d like to keep the outdoor kitchen area directly off dining room and make the seating area on the larger second level. Check out our home tour for photos of the patio and backyard.

So here are my needs:

Most of the furniture must be composite or plastic. Colorado’s dry climate is not ideal for wood furniture
Seating for 6-10
Some sort of table
Done by August 1st
And a $300 budget, for the whole thing

Here are the wants:  

Inexpensive rug.
Garden stool for side tables
Adirondack chairs or rocking chairs
Ottoman/floor pouf for additional seating
Easily moveable and easy to rearrange
Coffee table
Storage bench
Bar area

The budget is a non-negotiable. I am determined to outfit out entire patio for under $300. My birthday is mid-August so I’d really like to have a fabulous 24th birthday party on our patio. I'll let you in on a little secret...I've got no idea what to do with our patio. Here's some of my favorite Pinterest finds that have helped to inspire me:

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